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SMH Chili Crab Pau

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My eyebrows raised after the first taste of SMH Chili Crab Pau at supermarket when it was given out free by the promoter. It was so close to having chili crab, the sauce was good with little spicy and sweet, I couldn’t quite tell if it was crab meat or not but this is definitely something that worth storing in the freezer and satisfy my chili crab craving. (Especially when I am not a crab lover, no way for me to order this dish just because I am craving for it.)

This morning, I steamed 4 Pau and packed 2 for Ben, he later updated me that he liked it as much as I do. $6.40/pack for 8 Pau, I personally find it reasonable. Next time, I will try out SMH Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau since Ben loves custard pau, and at the same time, get another pack of Chili Crab Pau, just in case.

Steamed and ready to be eaten. From the packaging, I’ve learnt that we can choose to fry them too. However, I still prefer to steam the Pau, easier and healthier.IMG_1242
Personally hope the filling can be more than this. Can you see any crabmeat?


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