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Durians + Two Chefs

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I almost forgot to pen down our wonderful outing during our last December holiday. It was all because of a Durian photo posted on Ah Seng Facebook, we started talking about it and Bren made the reservation. When the day finally came, we headed down to their temporary stall at Ghim Moh Market. The stall is clean and seating area was comfortable enough for diners. I went with empty stomach but didn’t manage to eat much. Don’t get me wrong, I love ❤️ durian and love ❤️ to eat but my weak stomach will protest for days if I refuse to stop. (Oh dear, as I was writing this post, Ben saw the photo and asked if we should call Ah Seng again! Looks like someone is craving for good durians. LoL)

After our durian session, we chit-chatted for a while before we went to Two Chefs, which was just a stone’s throw away. The tricks to prevent long waiting:
➡️call in to order and pick up later
➡️go at odd hour.

I mind having late dinner but never mind when it is early, we got the table rather fast and food served within 15 minutes. We ordered a few of their signature dishes and all turned out well, maybe my tastebuds are less fussy, I always think their food is good and reasonably priced. Everything was great but would be perfect if Ethan was around, my bad, I was telling Bren and Aloy that Asher would not be tagging along but I changed my mind. Luckily the boys still got to play together as we spent a few good hours at the Tay’s.

It was another yummilicious outing that I always enjoy, be it with friends and families. Ben said we must make an effort to “ketchup” “ketchup” with friends every now and then, I am willing to “sacrifice” my daily 5 hours me-time, let Asher goes for AM class and have his tuition and activities over the weekdays afternoon so we can “reserve” the weekends for friends and families.


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