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There were a few lion dance performances in town and Asher missed them because he was in school. Knowing our dear son loves lion dance performances and he was suppose to perform in school but he didn’t as we had to leave town for reunion dinner with his grandma in Johor, I went online to check for performance timing and wanted to bring Asher along. When I found out there was one near the mall and off we went. So, how was it? 

  • Crowded
  • Too loud as the show was at the atrium and it was very small with low ceiling !
  • Limited space so the show was merely 10mins or maybe lesser
  • No stunt 
  • Chaotic as they threw candies (God knows why adults were so crazy over the candies too.)

Asher was pretty upset, no one was willing to give way for him, he said “excuse me” but no one could hear him. While he was taking photo with the lion head, someone pushed him and he nearly fell. It was really an awful experience and we left with much disappointments.

Back home, our neighbour told us not to miss the lion dance performances at our estate. What! I passed by the notice board almost daily and I missed it! If I knew earlier, I would not waste my time searching and going to a mall with so many people just to watch lion dance. Honestly, the show at our place was a lot better, there were 4 baby lions and they were busy entertaining our children, the God of Fortune and big head doll were around too, distributing sweets, candy and gold coin to the residents. I heard from residents that lion dance performance is a yearly event and I shall keep this in mind, no more going to the crowded malls for this, okay, maybe for Westgate’s, as their lion dance performers do stunts and use high pole. I could tell how much he enjoyed, not only him, the other children as well. 

“Mommy, luckily I woke up in time for the lion dance show, it was awesome!” Said Asher. 


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