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Movie Date – Taken 3 & Big Hero

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What happened to February? Time really flies! Every month I look forward to my movie date with Ben and in February, we watched 2 movies and one of them was Taken 3. Am I the only who thinks that Taken 3 is nothing compare to Taken 2? Nevertheless, it still not that bad after all. 

Another movie date was not only with Ben but Asher. We all love the show so much and Asher could relate so much as we walked around the hood when we visited San Francisco last holiday. The tram and the row of houses, the animation and everything, we think the team who created San Fransokyo were awesome! 

Now we say hello to the month of March, Asher and I can’t wait to watch Cinderella together! March is a special month for our family, 0303 marks 12th years of marriage for my lovely sis and BIL, so happy for them. 😘❤️💕


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