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Lucky Me – Goldilocks and The Three Bears

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I still remember how much we enjoyed the play in English version last year, the songs were catchy, the Bears were pretty cute and the story lines were familiar. However, when I won the tickets for the mandarin version of Goldilocks and three bears, I was not sure if Asher would sit through the play.


Until the last moment, I told Ben if he wanted to leave, we would just leave. I couldn’t stand parents forcing their kids to sit through and struggling with crying children in the theatre, I definitely don’t want to be one of them, if the child is not ready, be it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with kids talking, asking questions, giggling, actively answering and participating when they are asked to, standing, or even snacking to calm themselves or making themselves comfortable in the theatre, it’s children play/musical, being loud is fine. (So, parents, don’t shhhhhhh, if you can’t stand these, go watch orchestra or non-kids friendly musical.)

(back to the show.)10 minutes into the play, I knew my worries were for naught. Asher enjoyed this play so much that he would sing along. What I like the most : Using a familiar storyline, the performers used Chinese idioms and collective nouns, to teach many uses of wood but the same time, create the awareness to care for Mother Nature and the importance of protecting animal habitats. Another highlight is the recipe to make porridge, that part was quite funny, I wonder if any kids went home trying out the recipe.

Anyway, thumbs up👍👍👍! Definitely a good play that worth watching. Did i mention I won another tickets for the same show but different timing? We didn’t go back and the tickets were given away to my nephew, and he loved the show as much as Asher!


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