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Thank You, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

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I had been reading lots of touching tributes for Mr.Lee Kuan Yew since the day he passed away and none of those failed to make me cry after reading. The feeling of loss was so intense like as if you have loss someone dearly to you. Deep down, everyone knew how much he had sacrificed for Singapore. Look around us, without his visionary and perseverance, would I even choose to settle down here? Although Ben and I were not born and raise here, both of us strongly felt that we must pay our last respect to him at Parliament House. 

Not much photos taken during the wait, I took some mainly to ask my sister how far I was from the Parliament House. (Sis arrived 30mins with my nephew and my mother.) Almost gave up half way while waiting in the 4 hours queue when I started feeling lightheaded followed by cold sweat at around 2am, I knew I would soon see stars, thanks to the volunteer who got me a packet drink and thanks Ben for carrying the sleeping kid, I felt so much better after that. We waited in queue for another hour and finally got chance to pay our last respect to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. It was our first and also our last time, being so close to the founding father of Singapore and we truly glad we made it here. Too bad, Asher felt asleep and was too tired to wake up, the next day, he insisted that we must stop by the tribute site at our hood and he thanked Mr. Lee again. We did, and we went twice actually. 

There are just too many things for me thank Mr. LKY, really. Only those who see what we see will understand why so many of us endured so many hours, be it under hot sun or rain, just for few seconds, just to say ,”thank you.”

Thank You, Mr. Lee.  May you rest in peace. 



One thought on “Thank You, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

  1. Weeks have passed but I can still remember vividly the week when Mr LKY passed away. Our identity hit all time high. Thanks for sharing this article.

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