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Just 8 weeks ago we realized Asher could solve simple multiplication sums, however, I didn’t want to introduce division because he wouldn’t be using them until P3/4 and I thought division might not be “as easy” to teach, boy I was so wrong. (How hard can it be since he already know multiplication?)

I was like all parents, wondering why you should teach multiplication and division so early? Then I remember many children, including my neighbour’s kid, struggle to learn multiplication and division at primary schools, not so much of understanding the concept but trying to memorize the time table. Now Asher understands the basic foundation of these, able to remember the time table by singing multiplication songs, he finds them easy, fun to learn and less boring as compare to addition and subtraction. 


Believe it or not, it took only 5 minutes to teach him division. He was dying to learn and  he claimed that one of the kid in school could solve them but teacher didn’t allow him to learn multiplication, let alone division. And no, I didn’t bother to ask teachers if it was true. 


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