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Movie Date – Cinderella 

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Since the first time he watched the trailer on the TV, he wanted me to make a promise that I would bring him to the cinema. Strange huh?  Cinderella? Girl’s movie? Well, obviously not to him, he says he likes everything magical. It started showing on 13th March, we didn’t catch it until now, see, attending afternoon session for school is really not a good thing for preschoolers, so many restrictions! However, we found a valid reason to skip a school day last week as we had appointment with the speech therapist at JMC on the same day. In order to make sure I didn’t miss the show, I even bought the tickets in advance. 

So, how was the show? 👍👍👍 Asher loved the show so much that he could share the story with daddy. At the end, he could even tell me we have to  


Yes, be kind to everyone because   

I believe in this. 😊

Side note: Asher enjoys every outings nowadays as he realize he can read the signs and notes when we are out in the mall or anywhere we go, he is overjoyed, we praise him a lot and sometimes, a little bit exaggerated, it kinda help to boost his confidence in reading. 😉  



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