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A bad cut

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Way past sleeping time, instead of lying on the bed, he went to mommy’s garden with daddy. Before I knew it, I heard his hysterical cries and I ran out as quick as possible to check out what had happened.

What a nasty cut! Just right above his left brow. EO lavender applied after I clean his wound. He was pretty upset after he saw the cut, walked into his room and sobbed. I consoled him and assured him the wound will heal in no time and true enough, there was barely a scar after a few days. 

From this incident, he learnt not to push the gate but pull it gently. I told him, “just like everything, when you go against the way it should be and push it too hard, it bounces back and hit you hard, sometimes even harder than you can imagine. So, think twice before you act/say anything.”  


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