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The Sistah @ LENAS



On this Friday, my sister turned up at door step in the morning because she wanted to see Asher! Yes, unbelievable! She missed him that much and knew she won’t be able to see him for 2 weeks so she came over to see him off. Then we went to Westgate, Jem and Jcube before returning home again to see Asher again. Ben came home much later and ferried all of us  to Chinatown for steamboat buffet. 

I enjoyed a lot to have someone to spend my afternoon with, be it just tea break or lunch meet up. This Friday was like a “sisters’ day” for us. Our family is not big but when everyone is present at the same time, we can hardly talk to everyone. A 1-1 session like this gives us time to catch up with each other’s lives. In the past, we would go hair salon together and chatted during the hair treatment session. Maybe one day she will move nearer to us then she can see him on daily basis. 😂


2 thoughts on “The Sistah @ LENAS

  1. I miss such times too! Before kids came along, mum, sis and I would do a monthly weekend date together. Lunch then facial & massage then tea. Good times and sistas are really one of life’s best things.

  2. Too bad Asher doesn’t have any.

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