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Minced Meat & Shrimp Cantonese Noodles



Sauce for minced meat noodles

– roasted garlic
– dark sauce
– oyster sauce
– sesame oil
– soya sauce
– spring onion

I always share recipe but I can’t tell the exact amount of ingredients I used because I never measure, ask all the housewives who cook, they may tell you the same thing. It’s not like baking bake or bread, use the wrong type of sugar and I guarantee you the result will be a lot different from what you expect. 

Anyway, I’m not going to take credit, the recipe for this sauce is all over the Internet, so are some of other dishes I’ve cooked. Most of the time, I don’t even follow the recipes but recreate my dish because I have limited condiments and seasonings at home. Who am I to kid? I’m just a housewife who loves to cook, has to cook daily and always prefer to prepare dinner in the simplest way. Why some people cook something or recreate some dishes and start claiming it is their recipes with the © symbol? 


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