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KCT Light Soya Sauce

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Meatballs Porridge for my A and B.   Like most housewife, I like to go market and I can spend up to an hour or more, going around, checking out new products on shelves. KCT is not new, but I guess the packaging is, I find it useful to have pictures shown as a guide on which type of soya sauce to be used for different dish. I like to pan fry salmon steak at home and I need a good grade soya sauce as I do not want to add additional seasoning to it, when I saw this, I bought it and taste it right a way with my fried salmon. Boy, it was good!  Besides, I use KCT superior light soya sauce to marinate the meatballs for the porridge on the same evening, it was really flavorful and we love it. *Highly Recommended*


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