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Movie Date – Home

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Asher was doing the stunned look as Oh.

Home from Dreamworks, this movie did everything it needed to and added on more to it. “post-movie discussion/talk” is what we used to do after watching a show and this habit started since our first movie “Beautiful Mind” 10 years back. We would talk about the content of the movie, the value and all. Sound weird? That was also part of the reasons why I was not a moviegoer as I was pretty fussy over lousy movies, I found watching movies a waste of time and money, if I had to go, the show had to be something worth my time for. But this 90 minutes cartoon, we had so much to talk about after watching!

– running away from problems doesn’t help
– when problems occur, face it and deal with it
– sometimes problems aren’t as big/serious as you think
– be sincere to friends
– be helpful in anyway you can
– do the right things
– be thoughtful and be tactful, some hurtful words can be lasting damage to others
– forgiving
– don’t just follow others, have faith in ownself
– never give up

For the first time, I saw my emotional child cried while watching cartoon, the moment we all thought Oh was died, he hugged me real tight and started sobbing. He was so sad that he couldn’t bring himself to watch anymore and wanted to leave the cinema. I was shocked, so were daddy. Luckily the ending turned out well, he left the cinema feeling happy and repeatedly saying,” my hands are in the air, like I just do not care.”

Such cleaver cartoon/comedy that I will say this is suitable for everyone at any age, it delivers positive messages to young kids, be more understanding and never afraid to overcome obstacles. While some claimed that the storyline was unimaginative and predictable, my boy found the cuddly cute alien Oh so irresistible, funny and entertaining. (so, yes, money and time are well spent.) On a another hand, I found this book and thought it came just in time as he is now learning how to keep his friends.

Side note: I was never a moviegoer and but I am now for my son and husband. 


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