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Poor Rt Little Toe

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 It was about 9am, I was busy packing stuff and daddy was busy grooming himself, we were about to leave the house and this ever ready boy was too bored to wait around decided to play with his bike. I saw him playing, I didn’t stop him, well, why trouble trouble when trouble didn’t trouble you? I was so wrong, before I knew it, it fell on his toe and that was it! Blood stained the floor and he gripped his injured toe.We spent another 30 minutes at home as I need to do a simple dressing. Guess he was too comfy with the gauze, he started hopping and running with the dressing after that.   You bet, I got him to write down the incident in a few words and he obliged. 😂 I was quiet surprise when he used “wounded toe” in his sentence, he also asked me a lot of questions on wound healing process and I explained to him in simple words, then allowed him to watch video re: wound healing process on YouTube.(youtube is the best! )

Not sure if it is the essential oil or kids just heal faster than adults, his wounded toe recovered in 5 days! 


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