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Ice-Cream @ Daily Scoop

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nice shot by Asher! Daily Scoop has been our monthly hideout for ice-cream treat, the choices of flavors are good and there are always a few new flavors onboard. It is no doubt when you mentioned about Inexpensive homemade ice cream, most people will recommend Daily Scoop, and my favourite is DURIAN on waffle, or Mocha on waffle. As for Asher, he will ask to taste a few flavors before ordering and always ask for the same thing, which is Mango Sorbet, not because he likes mango or sorbet, it’s because he likes yellow. 😒

Nice family shots taken on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I am such a “pita”, why Daily Scoop on Vday? Who doesn’t want to have a romantic night out? I want too of course but with the cute lightbulb? Forget it, so long the little one is happy, the old man shouldn’t fault me for being “too family” minded.  


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