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Lucky Me : Act 3 The Very Hungry Caterpillar & other Eric Carle Favourites

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This was Asher’s 6th visit to theater in 2014, broke 2013 record, he went for 5 plays excluding the Disney On Ice. For this play, I have to thank TNAP for picking me to be one of the 4 winners. I was hesitate to bring him hence I signed up for Hospital Land Carnival organized by Mount E. When I found out I won the tickets, I couldn’t help but shared with Asher and he immediately told me he preferred to watch the play than being Doctor For A Day at the carnival.

Asher truly enjoyed the play despite having to sit so far away from the stage, he wasn’t affected by a crying child seated next to him and behaved well throughout the play. Towards the end of the play, I realized he showed unhappiness, expressed he didn’t enjoy watching it. As outsider, people would see him as a fussy and difficult child, only the mom (read:me) understood him as this was his way of showing unwillingness to leave the place and wanted to watch it again because he simply loved it.

So, you wonder how to deal with this kind of child when the answer you got was,”no, I don’t enjoy the show, I want to leave now, right now.”

What I normally do and say:
“Oh, that’s too bad that you don’t like it, we shall not watch it again. Say goodbye to xxx.” (no point arguing or disagree with him, he is entitled to voice his view.) I would observe, give him a min or two, if he did not go on and on getting negative attention, then I will go “are you absolutely sure you don’t like this play? I ask you again because I may have to cancel some tickets I’ve bought previously.” Almost 90% of the time, he would calm himself and share his feeling with me.


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