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Lucky Me : heART Workshop June 2014

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Photo credit : heART Studio


First of all, I’m not writing a review for heART Studio. I won a free lesson on their Facebook fan page (long ago) for Asher and he got a chance to learn how to draw and paint Sea Mammal Silhouette. The location? Not near to our place 😭 and they just moved to Serangoon not long ago. Not difficult to find if you’re familiar with this area, just 7 minutes walk from Kovan. I personally dislike it because it takes me forever to go Serangoon.


I personally love the interior of the studio, there are 2 levels. First level is for the younger children and there is a barrier to stop them from going down the spiral staircase. Quiet environment, not surprising as they limit the numbers of children in each lesson. + point!


Beautiful wall murals at level 1. These really caught my attention, I always think wall murals are something “outdated” but the way they drew it, I found myself starting to appreciate the art on the walls. 20140610-164701-60421986.jpg

As expected, we arrived and he couldn’t wait to wave goodbye to me. As it was a drop-off 2.5hr lesson, I had a great time shopping at NEX. I came back to a happy kid, Erm, hyper kid. He was having so much fun here, teachers asked me if I sent him for any speech & drama class, I said no and they thought I should send him as he was really a drama king. I guess I have said this a thousand times or more, he talks a lot, no kidding.


Honestly, I couldn’t wait for the day, the day I can finally convince myself that art classes are something good for young children. Well, what I thought may not be what most people think, so what’s my view on art classes for my child? It kills creativity. Eg. An abstract drawing, most people will think they are free to create their art piece, the teacher just needs to guide them on using the colour, blending, try on different types of paints (oil, acrylic, crayon, water), the texture of the paints create different texture and strokes, ways to dry them. blah blah blah blah, HOWEVER, in real life, real classrooms, when you’re asked to draw circle, YOU BETTER DRAW CIRCLE, like military training, no second thought, no questions asked, NOT EVEN TRIANGLE can be drawn. I know I know, obey right? listen to teacher, right? That’s what I dislike. I hate it when I asked my son to keep his views and feelings, even when he was pushed by adults in the public for being a little slow. Anyway, I’ve stopped doing that, I told him he is free to voice out his dismay, but only to the person involved and do it gracefully. Scolding in public is not right, even someone has pushed you, but that doesn’t mean the child has to keep quiet because it is NOT OKAY, especially when they took advantage on a child.(seriously, you think it is okay when someone pushes your child in a mrt for any reason?) Imagine how many stares I got when I told him this in the train. (Judge me, I can’t be bothered.) So, back to the art classes, there are just too many restrictions in art classes, the kids has to walk into the room without any imagination, they need to be absolutely lovely and obedient. All kids came out with almost the same art piece, who are you kidding? I am not just any mom, I don’t want a complete art piece done by my son but unwillingly, read: lots of scolding. I know him too well, I know he is a VERY TOUGH NUT, it is challenging to coach him. Restricting him to draw what he wants or use the colour he likes are not something I want. Lately, I’ve started looking for art classes for him, not the usual classes but meant for Art Therapy, as suggested by his doctor. Then I hesitated, like buying time, hoping one day, he would be able to walk into any classes like other pre-schoolers. As for now, I accept who he is, love him to bits and still find him as cute as button.


Anyway, for those who are interested, I’ve included the studio address and contact number.

HeART Studio
1 Charlton Lane #01-04 SG539631
Tel: (65) 6554 7563 Fax: (65) 6554 7562

Side note : Lucky me won another pass (Sept holiday) and below is another piece of his work At heArt Studio (with help I believe). To the parents of the child who attended the same class as Asher, I’m sorry if he was not tactful when he commented about your child’s work. IMG_2437.JPG All his works are now hanged in his room.  (Oh, he sleeps in our room, seperate mattress, but still, I found him sleeping next to me every morning. Frankly, I love that, love the feeling of being wanted. He has his whole life to sleep on his own, so for now, let me have him by my side.) IMG_3801-0


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