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Lucky Me – eXplorerkid Dad & Me Health & Adventure Quest Family Pass 

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✌️ I won not only a pair of family pass for Health & Adventure Quest Giveaway but 4 pairs! However, I gave up the other 2 pairs and gave another pair to my BFF. At first I thought it was going be a dad and son bonding sessions over at eXplorer kid but I was wrong, mommy ended up moving around together and busy taking photos.

It was our first time here at eXplorer Kid, the area was big and there were so many things for kids from 2yo onwards. I see one family can easily spend a full day here! As for this event, Health & Adventurure Quest, they had 8 stations and each station had some facts and information about health, we were encouraged to speak to our children and helped the kids to find the answers from poster and wrote them down in the booklet given at entrance upon signing in, then the staff in-charge would give a stamp on the booklet.

Here is the instruction guide and some photos to share.   

Station #2 : The Cliff  

Station #4 : The Mound    


What do you want to be when you grow up? Draw yourself. And we are probably the only parents who played along when he wanted to be a fighter. If you can tell by now, yes, he watched The Walking Dead, it was an “accident”, I swear. And yes, he was so into “Daryl Dixon”.   
Station #5 : Ball City 

Station #6 : Lit Ballpool   

Station #7 : Tree Top Corner   
It’s a penguin, if you can’t figure it out. 😆


Station #8 : Pediasure Booth    

From all 8 stations, kids learn about

– Healthy Eating Habit/Diet
– What do you dream to become?
– Calcium is important for strong bones and teeth
– How to maintain good eyesight and why is it important?
– Exercise regular, stay active
– Be creative
– Stay healthy

Honestly, I have no idea how many of us would go through all these with the children, or simply aiming to earn all the stamps as at the end of the sessions, we had to show all them the booklets to get door gifts. I was like DUH !!! Why? What if the children couldn’t complete? Will it still be a fun day as parents may feel that the kids did not try very best to complete, what if they came late? What if the kids make a big fuss, I know some special needs children take “stamps” very seriously! I understand there were timing restrictions but oh please, it was too stringent, IMHO. They manage to keep the quest short and sweet but little time left for the kids to play, come on, if I were to pay to enter the premises and go rush through every single one in within the time given, I will never come back because by the time we finished the quiz, time was up. Quote from hub, “this whole thing is a marketing tricks.” Exactly what I had in mind too and it is just way too obvious, especially when I was told to attend parenting talk REPEATEDLY and must give information to the GE financial planners. However, the staff at the entrance were pretty helpful and flexible, she allowed me to sign in on behalf of my friend, which helped to save our time.   


Side note : As I received more one another set of family pass, I decided to give it to my friend and our kids got to meet again ! 😀 This is probably one reason why WE HAD FUN on Saturday, good meet up. Anyway, I still want say Thank You for the pass, good or not, it was an experience. Excuse me for being this honest, I am still wondering, what if I handed them an empty booklet? 😅


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