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Well, some might have figured it out that my day was spent with only Asher because Ben forgot about my birthday. He remembered the date but not the day, so he made plan with his friends. I was pretty upset of course, no any reasons could comfort me. The man simply refused to take a day off or postpone his meeting with his friends, I then decided to keep my only son with me for a day because I did not want to be alone, I wanted my son to know it was mommy’s birthday and no one should be alone on his/her birthday.

To be fair, he did bring us out for breakfast at Marché but we were left on our own after that for the rest of the day. I brought Asher to Polliwogs, a weekday at Polliwogs can be really boring as there weren’t many children.

Still he spent 2 hours there, we had our simple lunch together before we left the place.

It was my idea to bring him to Icing Room, knowing he would love to decorate the cake with icing cream which was meant for me.

He enjoyed decorating the cake and couldn’t wait to present it to me. He was very satisfied with his creation and so proud. I personally love this shot a lot.😍

And we came home way past 7pm to see these in the fridge.

The joker asked his buddy and these were some tips, they told him not to contact me at all and thought the surprise would make me happy. Well, I was glad and thanked his effort, these were not needed at all if he were to remember a simple day like this. (eg.put a note on the calendar appointment corner) We were waiting for his call, hoping he could join us for dinner yet he was told not to because a surprise was enough.

This was given by my dearest eldest sister while the rest of them wanted to celebrate my birthday on the following weekend but I rejected the idea. It was me who told them not to celebrate with me a week prior to my day as I did not want them to waste money on cakes. Serve me right, I almost had no cake for my birthday this year. Honestly, what can I expect from someone who doesn’t celebrate his birthday since young? Birthdays are occasion for families and if one doesn’t make a big deal of it, be prepared no one will celebrate yours until the day you die. Frankly, I mind a lot when my husband forgotten about mine as my family never fail to celebrate this day with me, I feel cared and loved. So, yes! I will continue to celebrate everyone’s birthday because I care and I will want Asher to do the same. (To my future DIL, I will make sure Asher doesn’t forget yours.)

And this somehow summarize my day. Using our 5W1H method, we made it short and sweet.


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