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A Day @ Google, Mountain View (Global HQ)

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When LC knew we would be in San Francisco Downtown for few days, he told Ben he would like to bring us around Google HQ at Mountain View. It was not planned, we knew he didn’t stay in CA and he flew almost every few days, it was just a coincidence that we happened to be there at the same time. It was such rare opportunity for us to visit Google Global HQ at Mountain View. *big hug*


Getting our guest tags at the main entrance. Though guests of the Googler were allowed in some buildings and cafe, we could only enter some common areas, but that was good enough.


Ah, you spot something?



Asher spent some great time in this small park, picking up the “jellies” and placing them everywhere.


Oh my, first time in my life to see Google self-drive car. Click to zoom in, the safety belt was on but there was nobody. Someone did wave at us anyway.


After taking a stroll around the campus, we went to the nearby IN-N-OUT for their famous burgers.


I still couldn’t believe myself for missing the pop up store in Singapore weeks before we went to the State, I heard the queue was snaky long and no fries were available, they replaced it with packet chips. I was just so glad that we finally got to try IN-N-OUT, it was really delicious, patties were juicy and the bun… Oh my, I am drooling!


It was a pretty cool experience to have the chance to visit Google campus. The environment around the campus itself was nice to walk around, of course it would be even better if you choose to ride the bicycle. 😅 Anyway, thanks to Luke!


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