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Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop

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Others may see me as a pampered wife, that my spouse gotta leave office, come home, ferry us to ICA building just to collect Asher’s passport. I am not demanding, in fact, I don’t think it is good to be undemanding. Taken for granted? Nah, that’s an overstatement to me. But I would like to be heard. My spouse initiated to send us there simply because I was unwell for the past few days prior to collection date. ( food poisoning )

So, here we were, at Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop after collecting the passport. (How frequent can we do this? Tea break on a weekday.) I heard about good coffee and good toast by this hainanese uncle who wears pj while making them. To be honest, the aroma of the coffee and the smoothness of the tea were “tokong” but I won’t come back, not until they have cleaned up the place. I don’t expect it to be posh but roaches waving with antenna? No, thanks. For those who wanted to try out their coffee with butter, 咖啡牛油, I am ending this post with the address. 👇🏻

Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop
Blk 10 North Bridge Road
Singapore 190010


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