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Balloon Sculpting Workshop @ WCP

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I don’t usually have this luck to be the first few who know about event in mall, on this day, I spent $1xxx yet didn’t think of going to the service counter to check out any events. It was until the late evening, we came back to the mall for dinner and thought of redeeming a complimentary car park coupon, it was when the lady at the counter asked me to choose a time slot, then I realized we were the first few who spent (at least) $50 to attend the balloon sculpting workshop.

Asher was not aware about the workshop, I didn’t want to tell him as I didn’t want to deal with his moody and oppositional behaviour on my Sunday. Besides, I was unwell.

Luckily, it went well. Child with parent workshop, the parents are always the one who do more than the children. Asher was too engrossed with the balloon and the pump. Occasionally reminded to listen to the instructor and being the playful one, he got a cute presents for saying the magic word. No, he didn’t say “please” but “I love you”.

Overall, it was fun, quite fun. If given another chance, I may still want to try out parent-child workshop with him.



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