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Learning Ninja Values at LEGO® Build. Play. Fun. Event @Raffles City 

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It was all about the “makers” stuff for the past 2 months and our weekends were spent indoor most of the time. (Read:watching daddy building and waiting at Design Centre) It was just a random chat and daddy said he could bring us anywhere I wanted on the last weekend of June, I was shocked and happy at the same time, daddy chose to spend a day not doing his stuff but with us. I was feeling guilty too as I knew time was running out for him. However, he insisted so I chose to go Ninja Event at Raffles Shopping Centre.

It was a wise choice as Asher enjoyed his time at all 5 fun stations set up for challenge LEGO® Ninjago™ Battle Dojo. The ultimate villain, Morro has captured one of the ninjas, and need the children’s help to defeat him.


At each station, each kid have to try their very best to complete the task in the shortest time. Honestly, I saw some unbelievably recorded time set by some kids. It was also a great opportunity for Asher to try out new things, I saw him focusing on completing his task at the stations, I couldn’t believe my eyes, my day-dreamer was paying full attention.

We praised him for his good manners and positive attitudes and rewarded him with a set of LEGO at the atrium. Look at him, he was in dilemma, he didn’t know which one to bring home, at the end, he brought a small medium set. I seriously thought he was going to choose the BIGGEST set but he didn’t. There were simple too many for him to choose.

Then I told daddy not to get the flying set as I felt that I might win it for him. True enough, I’ve won that for Asher and it was mailed to us on the following week.

And this was the set we got for him. All completed by himself under 2 hours.



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