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Chinese Cupping


For the first time in my life, I went for moving/gliding cupping. Honestly, it was not as painful as it claimed, maybe I was already aching all over. I first asked for tuina, my stiff shoulders and lower backache were so painful and the masseur then suggested cupping. I first thought it was going to be stationary cupping but it turned out to be moving cupping. I was glad I didn’t say no as it indeed covered a larger area more quickly than stationary cupping and I felt better, almost instantly. With the plastic cup method, the masseur uses a pump on top of the cup to suck out the air and create a partial vacuum effect. I was quite impressed with the result, my feet no longer swollen too. I would say cupping is good for relieving tension and I wouldn’t mind the bruises.



4 thoughts on “Chinese Cupping

  1. Where did you go for the cupping?

  2. Thanks for sharing, Diana. Really appreciate it. I badly needs this!! 👍

  3. No prob. Get well soon. I tried tuina and cupping and paid around $50/$55.

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