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Lucky Me – Ugly Duckling 丑小鸭

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Asher first watched The Ugly Duckling 丑小鸭 with his friends and teachers when he was still with Evangel Kindy, I remember it was a school excursion to the theatre. Back then, he did not share much about his experience. I was told he sat through the play, which I doubted because he did not understand much Mandarin. Last few weeks, he saw  the poster and told me he wanted to watch the play, I believe he enjoyed a lot for last semester Speech & Drama in current school, the K1 children performed it and some of the K2 children were involved too. I was hesitated, the tickets were not cheap, so can you imagine how happy I was when I won the tickets from Kids Fiesta? The play was great, very engaging, the actresses were funny and audience laughed together. I told the father, if I could turn back the time, I wouldn’t spend so much on plays when he was much younger!

After a few times here, we more or less know which corner to find a spot for photo taking, as for the father, he knows where to sip his coffee and do his work while waiting for us. Say cheese! The boy was so happy and asked if we can watch it again, let’s hope I can win more tickets for him in future.


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