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Laughing Night @ Botannia 

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It was a planned BBQ night with the laughing team.  We were so totally looking forward to the day, it has been a while since we last met.   Love the food, love the ambience, love the buddies, love seeing the kids playing together and love hanging out with everyone of them. 

And our star of the night was one who blew the candles and celebrated his birthday with us. Blessed Birthday to you, P!

The kids were thrilled with their bubble swords (thank you, C! Brilliant idea!)and enjoyed the pool while the adults in charge of barbecuing and eating( Thanks to those macho E & P). There were so much food and I was thankful to see my almond jelly ! I don’t really fancy this dessert but not when it is prepared by the Tan family. Thank You!! Good friends are hard to come back, we are truly blessed to know more than 1. Lastly, thanks J, N and K for organizing!!! Oh gosh, we just walked over to eat, how terrible!! Hahahaha!!!



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