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Movie Date – Inside Out

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 Powerfully moving movie that made me cried so hard in the cinema.
This movie comes timely when we are trying to explain to our boy about emotion and how things work in our brain. We are working extra hard on self control and other stuff as lately, we see a inconsolably anger child in school, playground and home. 

Bad to the movie, you see the 4 little colourful people on the poster? They are emotions! The emotions live in Headquarters (our brain), the control center inside Riley’s mind, where they help advising her through everyday life. At one point in our life, we all struggle to keep things in order, before our brain go haywire and before we breakdown. Most adults will try to keep stay positive, I am one of them, I always allow my “joy” to win but these few weeks, all though not all the time, stress really takeover joy. So in this movie, we see how hard Joy works to keep things positive, and at the same time, help the rest of the emotions (more like talking them out) whenever they are “overtaking” at different situation. 

Asher agrees with me and tells me sadness is one important emotion and it is okay to show sadness whenever he needs help.

side note, I am truly lucky to meet a couples over the weekend who shares so much thoughts with us and they are so inspiring, mommy Sue told me most of the time, when one shows anger doesn’t really mean he is angry, in fact, a lot of us often use other emotion to replace anger. She is right, even I myself hardly show the real feeling. I simply replace sadness, disappointment with anger. Honestly, I can’t afford to be sad, not all the time, I am not that strong, I am just afraid one fine day, I’ll check myself in IMH. 

So yes! I think every child should watch Inside Out, it helps one to learn about own emotion and understand that it can be  controlled and my boy just needs more time than others to learn. 


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