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Haze is here again…

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It’s the most unbearable time of the year again. The PSI hits very unhealthy level in all areas, air purifiers and masks are flying off the shelf much faster than I thought. I am always slow in action, my preferred air purifier model is oos and I got another one for now. I am thankful I still manage to get one fairly good ones at reasonable price. Thanks to my siblings who did extensive research on some models. For years I didn’t want to get a portable air purifier, thinking so long I stay indoor, I would do just fine. This year, my eyes sore, my existing throat infection prolongs recovery, my breathing is affected, I would be a pig if I still couldn’t tell how serious and damaging the haze can do to our health. Hence, I decided to get one for home use. No one could imagine what my husband texted me.

Which I really did and spend $40 on Daiso products. It was my 4th visit in 5 days and I went again on the following day.

On the next day, we met our neighbour and Nikki heard us leaving the house in the morning and handed Asher a goodies bag she collected on his behalf at the party a night before. What a shame, I totally missed the date, there was a celebration for residents and the kids were all having fun walking around our gated compound with lanterns in hand. Poor Nikki was looking for us and came door knocking too. We thanked them for their kind gestures. Late night, Asher left her a note and some masks. Yes, during the bad time, we look out for each other too.

We go out in style too. Thanks and no thanks to the haze, I don’t have to apply make up these days. The N95 masks are so freaking expensive, luckily I still keep some at home and as for Asher, he is quite cooperative when come to donning these uncomfortable masks.

Thanks to my dearest sis who bought him a reusable pm2.5 mask. She is so thoughtful and care for the kids at home.

At the age of 6, he is officially introduced to the haze. Why is it here? Where does it come from? How does it affect our daily lives? He used to draw when he was younger, this is the first time he wrote some notes, he also learns to check PSI readings on my phone and NEA website.   


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