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The Sophisticated 6 – Birthday Celebration Part 2

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As requested, we held a small one for him at preschool. The P was very kind and understanding, when I raised my concern over the frequency of therapies needed may interfere with school scheduling, hence I would withdraw him, she was feeling all so sorry over the party he had been talking for months and said we were allowed to go back for celebration. She even allowed us to be back for year end photo taking session. It is just too bad that we have to forgo the year end party. Whenever Asher practices the moves and song at home, that moments, just bring tears to my eyes and I was feeling so sorry for him.



It was a small and simple one. Asher wanted Jade’s little brother to join as well as another 3 K1 children. A short 1 hour in school, we saw how comfortable he was with his schoolmates and daddy finally got to meet his favourite friends in school. Special mention will be this girl named YeeXuan, who loves him dearly and even wanted to buy Asher a gift, however, due to some miscommunication, she didn’t have any with her on that day and she told me she was going to give him a HuG! Another boy named HaoXiang was someone who Asher looked up too, he listened to HX and told us he was the leader in his heart, whenever HX praised him in school for good behavioural, he would tell me. Asher cried badly when HX balloted out during the exercise in Aug at NHPS, YX & HX both are going to PTPS next year. 

As for the goodies, daddy reminded me not to buy the same stuff as last years’s,  I managed to get something different. This has been a yearly affair, I would go around looking for goodies for Asher’s friends who celebrate his birthday with him. This year, we have :

  • Fruit yogurt stick (Tw)
  • Jelly cups (Sg)
  • Beach play set (Daiso)
  • Stickers (TaoBao)
  • Orange tarts (Jp)
  • Choco Roll (Sg)
  • Corn Stick (Jp)

He was involved in this year birthday party preparation, we chose most of the stuff and we packed them together. 

Last year, I spent a bomb on the party and goodies, the goodies bags for school friends and party attendees were slightly different. I’ll share them on a separate post. (A’s big 5 Birthday Bash)
School kids got

  • Wet tissues (Sg)
  • Stickers (Taobao)
  • Mango pudding (Sg)
  • Raisin (USA)
  • Japanese crackers (Jp)
  • Oreo wafers (Msia)
  • Wonka Nerds Candies (USA)
  • Kiddo Face mask (Jp)

October is always “hazy”. Sigh.



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