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The Sophisticated 6 – Birthday Celebration Part 3

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Our initial plan for outdoor picnic was cancelled due to the haze but we were glad to make to Orchid Bowling. It was his first time here and first tried on holding a bowing ball. He couldn’t get much points, grumbled all evening and pretty impatience, however, at the end of the game, he was able to regulate his emotions and told us,” it’s all right, we will try again!” It was a great evening spent together with extended family, it is always nice to celebrate birthdays with family. 😍

That is the attitude, my son. Happy 6th Birthday🎉, we hope to bring you here frequent and hope you will grow love for this game, maybe you will choose this as your CCA at P3. 

P/S : there are so many things he wants to do now, eg: rock climbing, swimming, Taekwondo, soccer, ukulele. How I wish we have more than 24 hours daily. 


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