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丙申年 – 团年饭

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We used to fret over the venue for reunion dinner, because we tried not to have shark fin soup for some obvious reasons. However, this year we just made it easy for everyone. (I’m serious, it is not easy to find a set menu without shark fin soup in a decent restaurants in Singapore. Hate this. We used to call and go through all the menus and it took us days.) The food at Roland’s was not bad at all, we had so much that evening and the kids enjoyed themselves too. As usual, Asher turned himself into a bookworm and went into “silent mode” for a while. One needs to spend some time with him to know that he is not trying to be rude or something, this is just him.


I couldn’t believe we didn’t take “group photo”! 😂 Anyway, Fong was not around this evening so even if we took one shot, it was incomplete. 😁


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