She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

Buffelicious ?

Melt -The World Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental
Review : Fantastic food esp. Northern Indian Food. The service is superb. But the price is steep, around SGD50++ per pax. Breakfast buffet is $44++ but the food is nice! Reservation needed. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

JOAQUIM Buffet Restaurant @ Suntec Conventional Hall
Review : Super cheap if you go during weekday lunch, only SGD9.90nett w/o drink for the porridge buffet, the spread is sumptuous but not very tasty. Given this type of price, I am not expecting much. Service is so-so CLICK HERE

Ellenborough Market Café @ Merchant Court Hotel
Review : Good spread of International buffet but the taste so-so. LOVE their durian pengat. I remember eating 3 full bowls of it. Service wise, so-so and price is reasonable. Reservation needed. RECOMMENDED.

Novotel @ Batam
Review : Service is excellent , staff are very friendly. It was an Intl Breakfast buffet and there were many food to choose from. They kept topping up the food and loved the corner where we can make our own pancake. RECOMMENDED. CLICK HERE

Saints International Restaurant @ St Regis, Shanghai
Review : Staff are friendly. Food is really nice. Love their breads, buns and donuts. I had the breakfast buffet for 4 days continuously, what do you think? STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Pariss International Seafood Buffet, Marina Square
Review : WAY TOO MANY FOOD, too small little stomach..Hahahaa. RECOMMENDED if you are a big eater!

Peony Jade Restaurant @ Clarke Quay
Review : Big Rave. CLICK HERE to read more. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

COCA Restaurant @ Bangkok
Review : Can’t remember the price but I remember it was very cheap (compare to SG COCA Restaurant at Ngee Ann City). The soup was yummy! RECOMMENDED.

Flavors Restaurant @ Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Review : The buffet breakfast was excellent eventhough there wasn’t a lot variety to choose from.

Gold Teak Restaurant @ Twin Tower Hotel, Bangkok
Review : We can never forget their freshly squeezed Pineapple Juice, it was the best! No wonder everyone loves Thai Pineapple. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Deli @ Goodwood Park Hotel
Review : Ala carte porridge buffet, food is good, served hot, portion is just nice. A little bit steep for the price, but with some discount with CC, is worth going. RECOMMENDED. CLICK HERE

Chili Padi @ Bugis
Review : Food wise, below average and the spread is pathetic. Basically no service at all. crowded during weekends, little space. NOT RECOMMENDED. CLICK HERE

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Velocity
Review : We ate until we dropped! Food served hot and very minimal waiting time. ALA CARTE buffet, a lot of Dim Sum on the list. Very reasonable price for high tea buffet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. CLICK HERE

Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City Shopping Centre
Review : We love Northern Indian food and this restaurant, surprise me! 😀 Love the appetizer and love the spread! Reasonable price for lunch buffet, nice ambiance too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. CLICK HERE

Oscar @ Conrad Hotel
Review : Spread is not fantastic at all. Expensive. The photos may look good but looking at the price, I expect more than just these. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. CLICK HERE

Quality Cafe @ Quality Hotel
Review : Porridge buffet. The spread was very pathetic, food is lousy, wasted car park and waste the trip ! NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. CLICK HERE

Khansama @ Biopolis
Review : At only $10 per pax, I don’t expect more. If they change their buffet spread daily, I will go back. WORTH TRYING.


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