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It has been a while since I last have some moments for myself, I’ve “struggling” almost daily for the past 3 weeks. 

Instead of going to spa or massage, I decided to go marketing and got some 韭黄, nothing comes into my mind except 干烧伊面. Another simple meal cooked with ❤️, for my husband and my son.  Dear husband has been asking me to stop cooking and have some time for myself, do nothing but rest, somehow, the more you’re given a chance to do so, you do otherwise to give your best to them. 


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Coincidently, the day I cooked this, the father texted me and told me he will be going Shanghai AU for some coaching sessions in Nov. Our initial plan was to stay for a week in Shanghai in Nov or 3 weeks by the end of this year but now, we have put the plan aside as there are more important therapies needed for our son before formal education next year. I have yet to tell him we will not be visiting Australia this year too although we promised him we would be there for his 6th Birthday earlier this year but I know my sensible boy knows the reasons and he understands what is good for him. Holidays can wait.

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Sambal Cili Telur Dengan Ikan Bilis

Something like this on the dining table will cause carbo overload during dinner. 😁 however, I had only few spoonful of them because I had very late lunch and Ben tried not to have second serving because he came home too late. Was it delicious? Honestly, I’ve never feel so proud of myself, I told Ben I’m going to bring some to my mom and let her try. I think she has never tasted Sambal Cili Telur because she doesn’t take Malay food, but I’m going to change her mind. 

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Sambal Petai 叁巴臭豆

This is my first time cooking Sambal Petai at home.

Ben and I love this dish and few weeks back, he ordered it for me at a hawker centre, I was shocked when I found out the price. For the same amount, I would be able to have it at home for at least 5/6 times! This explained why I started cooking this dish at home. 💪💪

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Pork Donburi

My oh my, I shared this on SHC Facebook page and gathered more than 350 likes, guess it was because I mentioned only 4⃣ ingredients needed. 😁

Forget about making the broth from scratch, not that the “ajinomoto” was omitted, when I wanted to cook it, I knew this wasn’t something healthy that one should eat it on weekly basis, at most once biweekly. So, yes, I was doing it the “shortcut way”, so easy that only 4⃣ ingredients was used. That’s me! No wasting is the way to go. (Don’t tell me by buying the items to make the broth is cheaper, it is not and I know they will end up in the bin as I will not use them frequently.)

As for the meat, I used collar shabu shabu, I found it less fatty than sukiyaki (meat), 400-500gm approx. $7-$14 (kurobuta pork). Same price as beef shabu shabu. (Just in case you wanna know.) sukiyaki sauce is about $8/bottle (I used 1/3), togarashi is $3+. 


  • 300gm shabu shabu pork collar
  • slightly less than half a (Chinese) bowl of sukiyaki sauce
  • half a (Chinese) bowl of water
  • one brown onion/yellow onion, sliced


  1. Pour everything in a pot and bring to boil.
  2. Add meat only when onion well cooked. (high heat)
  3. Simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Serve with steamed rice.

I served with togarashi, jap chili pepper. 👍👍👍👍

Ben and Asher both love Pork Donburi so much and gave me 💯.