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丙申年 – 团年饭

We used to fret over the venue for reunion dinner, because we tried not to have shark fin soup for some obvious reasons. However, this year we just made it easy for everyone. (I’m serious, it is not easy to find a set menu without shark fin soup in a decent restaurants in Singapore. Hate this. We used to call and go through all the menus and it took us days.) The food at Roland’s was not bad at all, we had so much that evening and the kids enjoyed themselves too. As usual, Asher turned himself into a bookworm and went into “silent mode” for a while. One needs to spend some time with him to know that he is not trying to be rude or something, this is just him.


I couldn’t believe we didn’t take “group photo”! 😂 Anyway, Fong was not around this evening so even if we took one shot, it was incomplete. 😁


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Blessed Birthday

It’s September again and this is just the start of the celebration until the end of the year. EAT EAT EAT, what can be more meaningful than being together as family? Eating is just part of it, it is always nice to be around, to stick around and to piss each other off. Well, that’s family. No matter what, we are together.

Happy Birthday to our dear mother and sister (grandma and aunty to the kids), You Both Are the Best !


Lucky Me – Uncle Ringo SG50 Carnival @ Golden Jubilee

I was one of the 10 Lucky Winner for Uncle Ringo Tickets Giveaway!!

I have won myself, or rather, won Asher & Brycen a Carnival ticket worth SGD60 for this year Carnival @ Golden Jubilee! It was just so unusual for us to go such crowded places, see what parents did for the kids. 😁 the queues were long, the night was warm, the crowd was a little unbearable but the kids had a wonderful night out despite minor hiccups. 

Thank you for the tickets!  Hope to win more things for this month. ✌🏻️


The Sistah @ LENAS


On this Friday, my sister turned up at door step in the morning because she wanted to see Asher! Yes, unbelievable! She missed him that much and knew she won’t be able to see him for 2 weeks so she came over to see him off. Then we went to Westgate, Jem and Jcube before returning home again to see Asher again. Ben came home much later and ferried all of us  to Chinatown for steamboat buffet. 

I enjoyed a lot to have someone to spend my afternoon with, be it just tea break or lunch meet up. This Friday was like a “sisters’ day” for us. Our family is not big but when everyone is present at the same time, we can hardly talk to everyone. A 1-1 session like this gives us time to catch up with each other’s lives. In the past, we would go hair salon together and chatted during the hair treatment session. Maybe one day she will move nearer to us then she can see him on daily basis. 😂

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Lunar New Year

This is not his first CNY celebration but this year is likely to be the one that Asher truly enjoy and understand the meaning behind it. I know EYM has lots of CNY program during this festive season, they learn about spring cleaning as well as flower market, I really appreciate their efforts and glad that I was allowed to be there for one of the activities.

CNY Shopping 

These were taken last year but I did not blog about it, I didn’t bother to snap any photos this year as I knew there were going to be the same and I was right. Of course, the only difference right now is that our 5yo can tell me excatly what happened on that day. Back home, I helped him to write the details in point form and he did a short show and tell. As active parent, (read:kiasu) I am constantly teaching him, we are always learning, just that we don’t need to be confine in a classroom, and we don’t just leave the school to do everything, everyone goes markets too, I show him interesting things and he is forever on “asking mode”.

Lantern Making

I did think of forgo the idea of making lantern as we can’t hang them but this boy came home with a super fragile (read:almost torn) lantern from school, I guess he sat on them in the van, 😁 telling me he wanted to teach me how to make lantern. Since I had so many hong Bao at home, I took them out and let him choose any designs he wanted, he then showed me the steps of making these simple lantern. Proud of you, son. Very simple to make and it’s quite engaging. 


Again, we did not write any but we did it differently, using some glittering glue and red paper, got him to write some simple words and let him have the fun squeezing the glue to cover the outline. The main reason of doing this was because I almost kill myself trying to teach him how to greet 大吉大利 and why mandarin oranges are used during CNY🍊. Now, whenever he receives a hong bao, these four words just 郎朗上口啦!

种年花 和 逛年花市场

We did not really decorate our house this year with chinese auspicious items in the house, that includes New Year Flowers 年花. What can we do besides roaming around flower market? We planted some! There are garlic, onion, coriander and radish. 

  • Garlic – 蒜, 谐音:算
  • Onion – 葱,谐音:聪
  • Coriander – 芹,谐音:勤
  • Radish – 菜头,谐音:彩头

I explained to him why chinese like to buy flowers during CNY and why some plants are popular, mainly because of the name of flowers and they usually represent something good/auspicious, bring lucks and money to the family. 


Shortcut版的拜年歌 super cute song taught by teacher in school. Asher missed the performance in school, I believe the kids had fun celebrating CNY with teachers and classmates. 





CNY Goodies 年饼

Due to the tight schedule, we did not manage to see the process of goodies making at my mom’s house. However, I made sure Asher knows goodies are essential during CNY. We brought him to food factory at Senoko and he got to try Bak kwa too. 

Asher enjoying some goodies at home

Zodiac Song

Here is one I would like to share with everyone. This Zodiac animals sign song was taught in school and Asher is only willing to sing them when his mood is good, even so, he is not willing to sing the entire song. 😩 

Show N Tell Project 

Carlos was with us during the CNY holiday and Asher got a playmate with him everywhere we went and everything we did during this period. Naturally, Asher acted like a big brother, tried his best to explain everything we did together and while I used this opportunity to teach both of them almost everything about CNY, glad that I managed to get Asher’s attention, he really enjoyed having someone with him, be it a toy or a child. Then we drafted out the details and Asher wrote them down. A few trials show n tell at home showed me his understanding of what is reunion dinner and how did we celebrate it. 

Lion Dance Performance 舞狮

How can we miss lion dance performance? I have a different post on our experience this year. I am thinking maybe I should buy a small lion head and let the kids play during CNY, that will be next year. 😜


Bringing him to Gardens by the Bay this year was because we haven’t been there for a while and knowing the Dome was decorated with all the CNY theme, it was the easiest to remember that 2015 is the year of Goat, well, some said sheep. 🐑 

Yusheng & Visiting 

Visiting only limit of close family as we were not allowed to do so actually. Just want to give him the idea that CNY is not all about hong bao, without visiting and greeting with aupicious words, hong bao will not mailed to him, 😂. Besides, this is also the first time he wanted to try yusheng, he saw everyone tossing the food and chopsticks raising up high, he insisted to use chopsticks too. 👍

Making Rice Dumpling 搓汤圆

On the last day of CNY, I knew the teachers were going to make rice dumpling with the kids so we did a trial run at home and he enjoyed making them. As I do not like the ordinary rice dumpling, I did not prepare the real ingredients but Asher was happy enough making them using his playdoh.

So, from the preparation to celebration and now the end of it, there are so many things for the kids to learn, I did not include spring cleaning and buying new clothes in this post, however, most kids rememeber CNY with lion dance, goodies, new clothes, hong bao and holidays! Every CNY brings back fond memories especially those when I was much younger, staying in kampung with parents. Playing fire crackers, movies till night and bak kwa, soft drinks were the best things during CNY.