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丙申年 – 团年饭

We used to fret over the venue for reunion dinner, because we tried not to have shark fin soup for some obvious reasons. However, this year we just made it easy for everyone. (I’m serious, it is not easy to find a set menu without shark fin soup in a decent restaurants in Singapore. Hate this. We used to call and go through all the menus and it took us days.) The food at Roland’s was not bad at all, we had so much that evening and the kids enjoyed themselves too. As usual, Asher turned himself into a bookworm and went into “silent mode” for a while. One needs to spend some time with him to know that he is not trying to be rude or something, this is just him.


I couldn’t believe we didn’t take “group photo”! 😂 Anyway, Fong was not around this evening so even if we took one shot, it was incomplete. 😁

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Laughing Night @ Botannia 

It was a planned BBQ night with the laughing team.  We were so totally looking forward to the day, it has been a while since we last met.   Love the food, love the ambience, love the buddies, love seeing the kids playing together and love hanging out with everyone of them. 

And our star of the night was one who blew the candles and celebrated his birthday with us. Blessed Birthday to you, P!

The kids were thrilled with their bubble swords (thank you, C! Brilliant idea!)and enjoyed the pool while the adults in charge of barbecuing and eating( Thanks to those macho E & P). There were so much food and I was thankful to see my almond jelly ! I don’t really fancy this dessert but not when it is prepared by the Tan family. Thank You!! Good friends are hard to come back, we are truly blessed to know more than 1. Lastly, thanks J, N and K for organizing!!! Oh gosh, we just walked over to eat, how terrible!! Hahahaha!!!


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BBQ Night @ Northvale 

Honestly, I don’t remember when was the last time I met daddy’s colleagues. We used to meet about 3 times a year, be it a birthday party or just dinner outings. There were simply too many reshuffling over the years, a few of those I know have left the team, some left the company and went overseas. If I were to try harder to think, there wasn’t any outing for the past 4 years or so. 😒 oh well, at least someone did take note when I said we should have a meet up session so we know who are our spouses’ colleagues. 

Just too bad I was sick on that day, however, I was glad I made it to the gathering, to say hello to those I have never met, and to catch up with some. *oh yes, Ben is married and his Facebook account is real.*



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Let’s Catch up @ Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill

It’s all about having the Wild West American food with the happiest couple!  Not only happiest, they are also the busiest couple. We really had a hard time finding time to meet up as our dear friends are frequent flyers. Moreover, we were Ben was so busy over the past 2 months with his makers stuff. Can you imaging, the local delicacies I bought especially for them from Penang have expired even before we set the meet up date!!!!! My bad my bad. I certainly hope I can have more time for family and friends.    
Now I look forward to our next meet up, oh my, it is going to be another crazy funny night with all yummy food, laughters with another 2 more funniest couples. My dear Asher better be well enough to dunk into the pool with his buddy Aden. 

Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill
7 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139298
Email Us:
Telephone: 64733244

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Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop


Others may see me as a pampered wife, that my spouse gotta leave office, come home, ferry us to ICA building just to collect Asher’s passport. I am not demanding, in fact, I don’t think it is good to be undemanding. Taken for granted? Nah, that’s an overstatement to me. But I would like to be heard. My spouse initiated to send us there simply because I was unwell for the past few days prior to collection date. ( food poisoning )

So, here we were, at Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop after collecting the passport. (How frequent can we do this? Tea break on a weekday.) I heard about good coffee and good toast by this hainanese uncle who wears pj while making them. To be honest, the aroma of the coffee and the smoothness of the tea were “tokong” but I won’t come back, not until they have cleaned up the place. I don’t expect it to be posh but roaches waving with antenna? No, thanks. For those who wanted to try out their coffee with butter, 咖啡牛油, I am ending this post with the address. 👇🏻

Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop
Blk 10 North Bridge Road
Singapore 190010

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Ice-Cream @ Daily Scoop

nice shot by Asher! Daily Scoop has been our monthly hideout for ice-cream treat, the choices of flavors are good and there are always a few new flavors onboard. It is no doubt when you mentioned about Inexpensive homemade ice cream, most people will recommend Daily Scoop, and my favourite is DURIAN on waffle, or Mocha on waffle. As for Asher, he will ask to taste a few flavors before ordering and always ask for the same thing, which is Mango Sorbet, not because he likes mango or sorbet, it’s because he likes yellow. 😒

Nice family shots taken on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I am such a “pita”, why Daily Scoop on Vday? Who doesn’t want to have a romantic night out? I want too of course but with the cute lightbulb? Forget it, so long the little one is happy, the old man shouldn’t fault me for being “too family” minded.  

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Al-Ameen Eating House @ Cheong Chin Nam Road


Keema rice, masala tandoori chicken, garlic naan, fried chinese bee hoon, egg prata, lime juice, teh o limau.

All above cost us less than $25 at Al Ameen Eating House. It has been a while since we last had indian food, we love indian food but we can’t have it frequently as Asher only eats a few dishes like prata, naan and chappati. It will be great if he eats aloo gobi and some spicy meal, but for now, we can only go to restaurants that serve multi nations dishes, there are quite a few around the area and Al Ameen is just one of the few that serve pretty good dishes and reasonably priced. 👍