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Heidelberg, Germany

The Heidelberg Old Bridge

The great flood in Heidelberg, the local marked down the level of the water


Asher with me on the Old Bridge



The Heidelberg Castle20110629-230327.jpg

Heidelberg Student’s Kiss – Heidelberger Studentenkuß20110629-230416.jpg



After checking in, we went “shopping” again because there wasn’t enough time for us to shop around the town. 😦20110629-230520.jpg

Baby Diapers !!! If only I knew there is convenient stall around the hotel, I wouldn’t have lug so many !20110629-230532.jpg

German sausages

No plastic bag, only recycle bag and we went there only with cash in hand. So, we used a box to carry these back to our hotel

Chocolates and some other stuff


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Titisee, Germany

We arrived at the tourist resort township of Titisee, home to Germany’s largest cuckoo clock centre.
There’s a demonstration of how cuckoo clocks are made. Fascinating as how many of those ancient clocks are still working today. We were late and they were closing so the demo lasted only 5 minutes.

Earlier cuckoo clocks were very primitive and made up of just three cogs and an arm, powered solely by the weigh attached to the bottom working out of gravitational pull.

A modern, sophisticated cuckoo clocks with many moving parts.

YACC – Yet another cuckoo clock. I almost wanted to get one but I am glad I didn’t. Oh well, I don’t want to feel like I am staying in a haunted house, if you’re wondering why I said so, try to search it from youtube.

Slow walk around this beautiful town after pork knuckles as dinner at Titisee, Germany. Ben refused to edit the photo of our dinner because of the presentation so the photos below were from our tourmates. Okay, I do agree that it looked like “dog food” but it was meant for human and it was very delicious! And the blackforest cake, it was the best cake I’ve ever had. I am not fond of blackforest cake but I finished everything!