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Is Krabi Child Friendly?


Is Krabi child friendly?
Yes !

Tuk Tuk in Krabi
– up to 5 pax in a Tuk Tuk
– a must try for children as they will enjoy the ride !
– 20B pp around aonang town
– some didn’t charge Asher
– speak very little English
– bad experiences where he just dropped us somewhere
– can bargain a bit, only do this during low season
– there are sign board with charges
– otherwise, stay near aonang beach. Save on Tuk Tuk fee

Boating / Island Hopping in Krabi with children
Fee & Operator
– more expensive during peak seasons. – Charge very little for kids under 3yo
– some have very bad reviews for this operator. Luckily we got a nice tour guide.

What to bring and what to wear?
– a waterproofed bag
– swimdress for me with a very light weight chiffon top
– swim costume for Asher
– swim pants for daddy and a T-Shirt
– sunblock, you will need to keep applying to prevent sunburn
– slippers, preferably crocs looking soft sandals that you can wear underwater as the pebbles are sharp
– towel
– life jackets for kid
– water proof pouch for phones and camera

Fish Feeding
– a loaf of expired bread at 30B
– buy more as not only kids will enjoy the feeding

Lunch Included? Suitable for kids?
– yes, if your children eat rice and vegetables.
– bring snacks like chocolate bar, muffin or milo/milk (packet)

Food & Street / Hawker food in Krabi20121013-101343.jpg

– our breakfast, 150B – 250B each
– our dinner, 200B – 1250B
– clean and safe to eat
– seafood is very fresh
– generous, big portion
– street food away from the “crowd” is more expensive
– don’t miss the fresh coconut
– no much food/breakfast choices in the morning
– Burger King operating hour start from 9am except Fri to Sun 24H
– Mac is 24H
– There are Black Canyon, Starbucks, Subways, Macdonald’s, Burger King, Haagen Dazs, Moovenpick, if you must know
– must try : pancake 20B and up, Pad Thai by street hawkers
– Restaurants by the beach to view sunset at “seafood food street”
– At the other end will be all the stalls for “massage by the sea”
– Aonang is a very small town so after 3 plus ( no more hot sun ) can walk around the town.
– drink and food are almost the same prices and I wonder…

Overall, our trip was wonderful! Maybe we expected less and didn’t do much planning. Reading up more about the place and reviews from good travel site is a must as most of them shared good tips and advices. Will we go back? Definitely !

We are very happy to have celebrated Asher’s 3rd birthday in a special way. He already told us what he wanted for his next birthday, maybe he didn’t really mean it but we will surely try to fulfill his small wishes.


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Day 5 : Krabi – Singapore

I thought Jet leg only happened once when we came back from Europe last year, this time in Krabi, Asher slept past 12 midnight and only woke up around noon Singapore time ! Daddy said we gotta “tune back” his timing before he goes back to school. Oh well, it’s actually easier for kids I think.

On the last day, we wanted street hawker food so much but we must leave the town to airport before 2pm so we settled for hotel restaurant food instead. Not a bad idea for sure as the food from Naga pura restaurant was delicious and not expensive.


Checking out at counter. Asher was wearing my hat as it was raining and the walk way to front counter from the rooms was not sheltered.
The car we booked for airport transfer came on the dot and after loading our luggages, we told the driver we wanted to buy coconut. He was very nice, he drove us to his friend’s place to buy coconut and it was only 15B !!!!!!

30mins later, arrived Krabi Intl Airport. This cafe was the only cafe right before checking in counters. There should be another one level 3 but we didn’t check it out.
Enjoying my cheapest coconut drink ever before we bid goodbye to Krabi.
Napping king. The waiting area is a lot smaller than expected. Only 3 gates so those people we saw at the area were taking the same flight with us. There was only a very small Black Canyon selling drinks, no food at all except some very sad looking sandwiches in the cold fridge. Good variety of snacks for us to spent our last few bahts. A handful of souvenir shops for overpriced items. My advice, don’t bother to check in 2 hours prior departure, 30mins is enough.
Woke up, munching non stop.
Just above the cloud. Nice 🙂
Finally, arrived T2 @ 8 plus and we spent close to 50 bucks on the cab! Not sure when will be our next trip to overseas as I suffered motion sickness from this holiday, quite badly. A little bit phobia to be on the flight again. Ben said I will need to visit a doc for some anti emetic. Strongly agreed !


Day 4 : Relax & Chill

We were at Nagapura Restaurant. Yes, since we knew there was nothing much to eat in the morning, we didn’t travel out.
Brekky in the empty restaurant with super attentive staff, we paid almost double from yesterday brekky but worthy as the quality was a lot better.
This boy was so unwilling to stay still and kept himself busy with the tools. Oh, he woke us up by asking,”mommy, I want to go to the beach.”
Daddy’s breakfast, scrambled egg, Asher said he preferred scrambled egg to my omelette.
This was mine. Big portion, I shared with Ben.
Each set came with a plate of fried rice too. Very delicious and we left the restaurant with very bloated stomach.
After brekky, we decided to go another beach nearby called Nopparat Thara Beach.

No boats are allowed at the front beach. No noise and water pollution. Quieter and nicer but we came around noon, way to hot for me to enjoy.
Too hot and i suggested to dip in the pool instead of sun tanning on the beach. Spent another 80B to go back resort to chill.
My silly brain would have know the weather at noon, should have come here late afternoon.
L.I.F.E of the lucky 3yo boy
As usual, Asher and daddy chill in the room and I went for my massage. After that, Asher napped a while and we left the resort around 5pm to walk to another side of aonang beach.
Low tide, the boys couldn’t wait to walk down to touch water and sands.
Along this side of the beach, there are closed to 50 massage corners !!
Plenty of sea shells, crabs and corals during low tide.
Of course they were alive.
Interesting ! We saw many sea pens !
Silly pose by the boys !
As daddy and I were hoping to eat hawker food, we didn’t order our share at Black Canyon.
This was Asher’s noodles. Very delicious and he ate a lot.
We were a bit disappointed to find out every Thursday is their off day. No more Pad Thai and salad !! 😦 I bought sinful pancake and coconut only.

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Aonang Nagapura Resort & Spa, Krabi




– free wifi, fast !
– 4 star but cannot compare with SG standard
– pool is above average
– room service is very good
– price is reasonable
– location slightly far from beach, no way you can walk to beach at noon
– access pool room is huge !
– service is good, exchange food without charge
– give plug without extra charge
– good tv program eng
– cleanliness is above average overall, slightly stain and noise are unavoidable
– only 5 units is pool access
– low seasons you can have the pool all by yourself
– jacuzzi for all pool access units only
– near the popular massage centre and good restaurants
– pool bar serves good standard of food
– near mini mart
– kids club but closed all the time
– restaurant and street food
– breakfast is expensive but big portion
– can walk to the best massage centre in Krabi using their back entrance


Day 3 : Happy Birthday to Asher !

We woke up around 5 plus. No prize for guessing who woke us up.
Probably the worst brekky. 150B per person, Foc for Asher.
As requested by the Tuk Tuk lover, we took it almost daily.
Back to the resort, daddy and Asher spent time watching cartoon in the room while mommy had her best Thai massage ever at massage corner ! Oh my, this is definitely the reason for coming back to Krabi.

After a great massage, we walked to Swiss Cottage for a quick lunch.
Then the Birthday Boy asked for a dip in the pool again. The weather was good after 3 plus, we swam for an hour.


Around 5pm, we went to the highly recommended restaurant by tripadvisor. It’s located at aonang beach. Dinner with beautiful sunset view !
Sala Bua & La Saputino


We had this fresh lobster grilled !
Before the meal served, we walked to the beach …
Writing his name !
Sky lantern by the beach

Happy 3rd Birthday !
Released at 630pm, the perfect timing ! All diners along the beach went wow wow wow when they saw it. Asher was so excited.
Our dinner at Sala Bua



Back to the hotel, we sang birthday song together and enjoyed our brownies. Thanks to mommy Brenda for the cake topper! It was meant for a mini celebration last week but we didn’t have the cake so I brought it to Krabi. Asher loves McQueen !



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Day 2 : Boating Experience


We went boating !!! Booked a tour to Hong Island via Speedboat at 2000B for 3 of us, they charge much higher during peak seasons.(1200B/900B) We were lucky, the weather was fantastic for all 5 days stay in Krabi. Low seasons : low hotel rate : not much people : no crowded Beach!

Picked up at hotel around 845am (by lorry) and we waited for a while as they needed to load the food ( yes, lunch provided ), drinks, snack and fruits.


Aonang Beach

Boarding time, oh yes, getting wet was the only way to get on !

Bye Bye Aonang !

This was the last Picture I took using my iPhone, no, my phone was okay. I was not as I had Seasick, as expected. Luckily I did not take any breakfast, otherwise, … (you know the rest)
The first stop at this red island or daeng island, probably named after these reddish coloured rocks. Daddy and Asher put on life jackets and went into the water. Crystal clear and lots of fish swimming around. I wanted so much to pick up my phone and take pictures but I was too sick to enjoy, the tour guide gave me a pill and a bottle of cold water. For the first time, I swallowed a pill, given by stranger without even thinking much. Yes, I was that sick !
Second stop at Pak Bia Island. I was feeling a lot better, alighted and rested on the rocks. I forgot to bring floor mat, actually a large piece of cloth is enough. The sands are rough, more like sharp pebbles and coral, hardly any shade, a bit tough for me as I don’t like sun, at all.

Asking for bread to feed the fish
Then naughty boy pretended to eat it
Happy boy was feeding fish


The third stop was Lading Island, most of the boats parked here for lunch. They washed the fruit with the sea water. The sea water was slightly oily and trust me, you won’t want to swim here. Snorkelling for some at the other side.


Simple yet delicious lunch, a bit salty, like chinese style, cooked by the Thais. Fruits were cut and served too.
Oh yes, the medicine works and I was feeling a lot better, good enough to take some shots during the bumpy rides.
Beautiful, picturesque Hong Lagoon. Quiet, peaceful and the speedboat slowed down for us to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Our last stop – Hong Island !
There are two beaches, lay side by side. One is like a pier for the boats and the other, paradise for the beach lovers! Sands are very soft and white, water is warm and crystal clear !
This is what happened if you throw a piece of bread into the water.
The fish lover was overwhelmed by them, all he wanted was to feed and catch them with his bare hands ! LoL !! I wished I bought more breads for him. (30B each big loaf)
Frankly, I was a bit scared as there were too many of them! We spent close to 2 hours here, a bit reluctant to leave. We didn’t even have enough time to visit the national park! We will be back for sure but I will need to pop some pills first. We were back to aonang around 3pm and a big lorry transferred all passengers back to their hotels.
I took a quick shower and off I walked out to look for Massage Corner. As I know it is located near Ben’s House, I asked around for the place. Finally, I made my way there and I was thrilled to see this signboard !
Literally at the corner !
20121003-131242.jpgThe price list for Massage Corner
The air con room at basement 1
After massage, I walked back to our room in less than 5 mins. asher refused to nap after boating so we decided to go out for a walk.

walking out of our resort to the main road
Ended up on Tuk Tuk ! Must ride daily, requested by Asher.
The “busiest street” in Aonang
Time for dinner. Street hawker?
That was it! We chose this one !
Menu – about half of what we paid in restaurants
Hyper after nap, refused to stay still. I almost fed him with local chilli padi. LoL !!
Fried Rice (again) for Asher and me
Seafood Salad ! Extremely spicy and yummy !
Pad Thai (again) for Ben
Cut fruits at only 20B per pack
Must Try Pancake by street hawker
Many customers but she took her time to cook each piece, that explained why her pancake looked presentable!
Super delicious and sinful pancake, 25B. Actually, pancake is prata ! They use ghee too.
Oh, this was the nightly affair! First night Ben got conned for 80B, on the next day onwards, we were shocked to get them at 30B each at roadside hawker. On the way to airport, the driver drove us to his friend’s place to buy fresh coconut at merely 15B !!!!

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Day 1 : Singapore – Krabi

The BOYS at Changi T2 ! We checked in early and got a super good seats.
Once he seated, he asked for food ! LoL !!
And no matter how short the flight is, he has to sleep! This was the shortest flight, only 1.5hrs. I didn’t get to rest at all but I was happy because I hate taking flight.
Arrived Krabi Airport. Spent 600 baht on taxi to our resort. If you’re travelling on budget and have lots of time to kill, go for bus transfer, only 150B per person.
Around 40 min to reach the lovely resort. Pool access room was what I had been looking forward to. Asher loves it, as expected. He kept wanting to go for a dip and kept asking for his swimming costume.
Without wasting much time, we went for food hunting by Tuk Tuk, 20B per person. Asher loves the ride ! He told us he wanted to take Tuk Tuk all the time and he would say,” wow, so windy !”
At 3pm, there were nothing much to eat, most of the restaurants open for dinner. So when we found this Bamboo Restaurant (opposite Mcd) we sat down and quickly ordered some food as Asher’s last meal was around 630am but he was still lively and jumping around, I felt “hungry for him”. LoL !!
Pineapple Fried Rice
Pat Thai – with ketchup? Really tune to angmo taste!
Daddy asked for coffee and ordered again. I was too full to share the calories.
The weather was good after 4pm, I couldn’t find the sun. Haha. I observed the weather is cooler after 4pm, one can walk on the street without brolly.
Daddy wanted to go to the beach, he started looking for massage centre for me! Yeah, he wanted to bring Asher there only as he knows I don’t really like beach. So the wife had a not-so-good massage at Sunset Massage while the boys went to the beach.

We walked back to resort after that and Asher insisted to go to the pool so daddy brought him to the kid pool and then I had to order room service as we were too tired to walk out for dinner.
The quality of food was good and not expensive.
And daddy ordered more after Asher KO at around 730pm.
Daddy simply refused to call it a day, he walked to the nearest minimart and brought back a very huge coconut for supper.