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We are back !


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Leaving Tokyo…

We took Airport Limousine to Narita Airport
A Big Kiss from Asher to Mommy Di !The 2 hours ride was not that bad as Asher was napping most of the time. 🙂KitKat !!Greentea KitKat !Fa So La MarketHello Kitty !!!Asher with Hello KittyThis is Bowser – Ben got it for 2400Yen @ airportWe were given 4 seats ! How nice… 🙂 But I prefer front row.Buckle Up !Finally, Asher fell asleep after struggling for 4 hours. cold rashes all over his little face
So headache !! 😦Dinner on board
The rash slowly subsiding…

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Day 5-Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Ebisu

All ready to go out!It was  very cold and Asher had 4 layers + pram blanket

Finally, we went to Sunshine City! We were staying in the South, we kept exploring the South and then I looked at the map again, realized that there were actually many things to see and places to go at the East.
How to get there : Ikebukuro, take the EAST exit and look out for signRegretted ++ for not getting. Only 2100Yen ! 😦

Namja Town @ Sunshine City, Level 2.

The Gyoza Museum. We had flat gyoza with egg mayo, gyoza with cheese on hotplate and spicy gyoza, all at different stall. Spent almost 1800 Yen for breakfast and not feeling full. LOL

The waitress is a Chinese and we were given 1 pc of gyoza FOC. 🙂

Asher was napping so we decided to go for lunch after a little shopping done at Daiso ( not no HK stuff 😦 ) Very thick soup base.

Off we went to Akihabara
how to get there : Alight at Akihabara station


It wa

s around 3pm, we went to Tully for hot chocolate & cappuccino. It’s MILK TIME for Asher too. 🙂

Then we passed by a “NTUC”  and I saw this !!! Okay, I didn’t get it so I have more reasons to come back to Tokyo. 🙂

Oh…it’s getting dark !! We decided to go Ebisu to take some nice photos. (ignore mine as I was using iphone4, bad bad quality)
how to get there : Alight at Ebisu, go to the SKY GARDEN WALK

Have been eyeing at Krispy Kreme ( there is one at Metropolitan Plaza) and Ben said,” go ahead!” but he rejected my idea of getting the holiday pack to Singapore.

Back to Ikebukuro, having dinner at Tobu basement 2, we enjoyed our dinner so much as Asher was… napping again! LOL

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Day 4-Jiyugaoka, Kohonbutsu, Ikebukuro

All ready to go out!

Breakfast @ MOS Burger

On our way to Jiyugaoka

Around Jiyugaoka.

We met Keiko San. She thought we lost our way and wanted to help us. 🙂 She speaks really good English as she is an English teacher. She told us a little bit of history about Jiyugaoka and bought us cheese cake too !

This is the restaurant opened by her friends, who speak very good English too. 🙂

Kohombutsu Temple, Motoyo San drew us a simple map where this temple is. It’s really nice to walk around the temple. 😀

Our Dinner

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Day 3-Yokohama, Shibuya, Odaiba

All ready to go out!

Breakfast @ Doutor

Going to Yokohama, there are a few ways to go. We chose the fastest way!
From Ikebukuro : Take Shonan-Shinjuku Line Express to Shibuya ( only 2 stops, if you are staying at Shinjuku, only 1 stop ) Then at Shibuya, Take Tokyu-Toyoko Line Limited Express to Yokohama.

I shall not confuse you all. When you wanna go Yokohama or you mean go to the Chinatown. DO NOT ALIGHT AT YOKOHAMA ! Alight at Chukagai, that’s Chinatown station. My itinerary was all screwed up on that day, wasted lots of money alighting at the wrong station. I should have gone to Chukagai and stroll along the streets, take some photos. Go back to station, go to Yokohama station, grab a Yokohama Map, change to Yokohama Subway line (yes, it’s confusing, you have to look at the subway map to understand this) and alight at Shin Yokohama to visit the Ramen Museum.

Our lunch – very de not nice!


Going to Venus Port, Odaiba
how to get there : go to JR line Shinmashi, change to Yurikamone line and alight at Aomi station

Rainbow Bridge

Pelette Town

Hello Kitty Paradise

Dinner from TOBU

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Day 2-Harajuku, Shinjuku & Ikebukuro

All ready to go out !

Meiji Jingu
how to get there : Alight at Harajuku, look out for sign

Wash hands and mouth before entering the shrine. ( R hand, L hand, Using R hand to rinse the mouth )

To make/write your wish, you need to pay 500 Yen for the board.

Real wedding ceremony was going on…

Takeshita Dori
how to get there : Once you are out from the Meiji Jingu, walk back to the station and continue walk for 3-5 minutes.


Our Lunch @ Harajuku (not nice)

Daiso @ Harajuku

Shinjuku, Kinokuniya
how to get there : Alight at Shinjuku, follow Exit sign to Kinokuniya

Isetan @ Shinjuku

Very the nice Sushi & Korokke

Ikebukuro, South area

Our Dinner at Ikebukuro