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My #2 Weight Loss Journey

TARGET : 48kg – 52kg


After shedding 24 kgs many years back, I am now almost hitting my peak of 72 kg. Like I’ve mentioned many times before, I really have no idea how am I going to lose these fats this time round as my age is catching up and I believe our little tot will keep me as busy as a bee at home.

Well, some said dancing, some said running and some said keep on breastfeeding since you’re going to be a SAHM.

And then someone mentioning that those doting hubbies are getting their wives big big gifts after giving birth. I brought the topic up today and guess what, Ben is wondering if I am asking for a slimming package as a gift. *wink*

Of course, this will not be my first choice to slim down. I will wanna go for exercise, but again, this is really tough, time consuming and challenging. Will I really go to a slimming centre?

So now I decided to start a page to pen down what and how am I going to lose weight after my first pregnancy – A Weight Loss Journey. I want to motivate myself , encourage myself to lose these fats in the shortest period of time. It is definitely not going to be easy but I really hope by updating my weight here will motivates me !

Weight : 70.8kg
How many kg to target : 18.8kg – 22.8kg

Weight : 70.4kg
Total Weight Gain for First Pregnancy : 12.4kg
Was told that baby is around 3-3.2kg. 🙂

Postnatal/post Op Day 7
Weight : 63.5kg
How many kg to target : 11.5kg – 15.5kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 8
Weight : 63kg
How many kg to target : 11kg – 15kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 9
Weight : 61.9kg
How many kg to target : 9.9kg – 13.9kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 11
Weight : 61.2kg
How many kg to target : 9.2kg – 13.2kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 13
Weight : 60.5kg
How many kg to target : 8.5kg – 12.5kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 14
Weight : 59.7kg
How many kg to target : 7.7kg – 11.7kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 17
Weight : 59.3kg
How many kg to target : 7.3kg – 11.3kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 29
Weight : 58.8kg
How many kg to target : 6.8kg – 10.8kg

Postnatal/post Op Day 38
Weight : 58kg
How many kg to target : 6kg – 10kg


Well well well, I’ve successfully shed all my preggy weight ! I am glad but as human, we are never satisfied, I want my waistline to be 27 inches, for those who interested to know, it went up to 44 inches, haha…

I really wanna buy the belly bandit as it is highly raved by celebrities and mummies but on the other hand, everyone is telling me, “you will get back your shape in no time, just like your weight, they melt away just like that, isn’t it?”  Okay, now I am trying to psycho myself… I do not need a belly bandit! * save  vitamin M *

Anyway, DH is not complaining my size and I am able to wear my favourite pants and my S sized jackets. I am running out of clothes as I’ve given all mine to my sibling so now, I am crossing my fingers that I can fit into a beautiful gown on M’s big day. 🙂 

That’s me ( front view & side view ) on Post C-Section Day 49 ( 7th week, 211109 )

Postnatal Day 68, week 9 day 5
Weight : 57.7kg
How many kg to target : 5.7kg – 9.7kg

Postnatal Day 74, week 10 day 4
Weight : 57kg
How many kg to target : 5kg – 9kg

Postnatal Day 94, week 13 day 3
Weight : 56.5kg
How many kg to target : 4.5kg – 8.5kg

Postnatal Day 106, week 15 day 1
Weight : 55.5kg
How many kg to target : 3.5kg – 7.5kg

Postnatal Day 112, week 16
Weight : 55kg
How many kg to target : 3kg – 7kg

Postnatal Day 140, week 20
Weight : 54.5kg
How many kg to target : 2.5kg – 6.5kg


All right, I shall put a FULL STOP at My #2 Weight Loss Journey and very soon, I will start a new chapter!


38 thoughts on “My #2 Weight Loss Journey

  1. jia you!! thats wat im going to do for my self also .. i need to shed off 20kg ( or more )after delivery…

  2. good good! hey, i thought you went to delivery already because didn’t hear from you. The breastpads you want right, reserve a pair for you already. 🙂 so now how are you coping, hubby came back already feel better …

  3. ya thanks i want .. so i just tx the $$ to you ?? not yet deliver.. hubby is back but feeling a long wait leh … doc predicted BB will come out last week but didnt … wonder how to faster go in labour….. u know i just went check up yesterday & doc said BB 3.4kg now… i scare later too big for normal birth but doc said shoudnt have any problem.. but i also dun wana wait anymore … getting impatient

  4. 3.4kg is a good weight my dear…you are going into labour anytime from now I think, no worries, est weight only, it could be smaller?

    ya, after so many months, you are going to see your baby soon…I also can’t wait.. hahha…

    about the breastpads, yes you can just tt the money and email me your address. I’ll mail to you. I sent email to you last week. you check the info there. 🙂

  5. good weight.. i tot its big leh… i see usually BB less then 3 kg or 3.1 3.2 only 😦 .
    Just reply you mail , will tx these few days.. let you know once done ..
    Let me know if you have any tips shedding all those kilos… sometime i just feel like signing up those slimming package & thats it.

  6. baby could be slightly lesser than est. weight. 🙂 My niece was only 2.34kg, nice right? even after a month they still think she was a newborn..ahha..

    ya, just email me after tx. no worries, whichever acct is convenient to you.

    slimming centre? wait first, even if I wanna recommend, it must be true, genuine and works for me before I can share or kinda advertise for the centre, at this point, i want to lose weight the normal way first.

    i hope post natal massage and my eating habit help me to shed at least 8kgs first. if the rest ar sturborn fats. I will see how and share my experience…

  7. 3.4kg – is not too heavy. Don’t let the weight scare you. I have 2 friend wife have NVD for 4.3kg baby. Leave to Mother Nature to do the job. Our Mother time also just give birth to us like that. You listen or hear more stories, will cast a fear in you. Delivery shouldn’t be a frightening journey. It should be a journey, you feel proud of. I have NVD for my 2 boys, elder one is 3.535kg & younger one is 3.435kg.

    Do the natural way of losing weight. After 5 months, I am amazed that I shed 14kg, another 4 more kg, I will go back to the weight before I am pregnant with Cayden. Really looking forward to continue lose weight. Seeing I am wearing back old clothes now is a motivation.

    Di – when I go to town this week. Will buy pretty G-string for you;)

  8. hahahhaa…siao already!!! the G-string thing must bought by Ben one!! haha…he wants me to wear then he got to buy but hor…i tell him don’t stress me loh…slowly lose weight…! give me time la…

  9. Then I give you as X’mas:p

    Di – I confirm you sure can lose weight first like me. Once breastfeed, eat healthy, eat less. Tell you shed very fast. I never think so much about my weight lose, but after change my habit, I see the results. Maybe after deliver, you be surprise you lose weight fast and slimmer than before. Gambateh!

  10. yaya…hubby said, the breasts must remain the same size..hahhaa… I hope I will, I am quite determine and know what food I should avoid and how much i should take.

  11. Breasts – sorry to disappoint him. It’ll start shrinking the moment baby is 6 month old;) Too big boobs, you suffer as your back can’t support the front.

  12. haha u gals are funny .. feel better after hearing your comments as most ppl i know commented that she is a big BB leh .. =)

  13. ok. telling him tonight will SHRINK !

    yanyan, this weight is ok, don’t worry too much.. someone already having a 2.8kg baby at 34th week pregnancy.

  14. Yes Di – must tell him.

    What the crap – big boobs not good news for you ok. Good news to him only. You suffer who can share for you.

    Yanyan – don’t think so much. Nowadays baby are a bit on the big size. So not to worry=)

  15. ya, I know it will go back the size for sure. my sister told me that before.

  16. =) hope so keke… i was hoping i can admit to hospital today.. so have been walking the whole morning … went all the went down to CWP haha… hopfully later have good news kekeke… =) getting really impatient le

  17. Yanyan – do a lot of squatting. Let the gravity pull baby down and also help to open your cervix.

  18. yanyan, eh…i just came back from CWP also, need to go to the tired now…how are you feeling now??

  19. feeling impatient.. tummy very itchy leh .. strech too much le.. im 2.5 dilated now after check up on Monday… doc said BB lower down & cervic sofen also but BB still dun wan to come out ……now pelvic can feel moree pressure after the walk… dunno if got any good news tonight .

  20. haha…so cute you, really cannot wait ar…

    good news – cervix soften, dilated 2.5cm and pressure there means your baby is going down… 🙂

    you feel any cramps? water bag leaking? any show? mucus plug not intact, dropped? discharge a lot? feel peeing all the time?

    is yes for any above, you can give your gynea a call and see if you need to go down. if I were you now, I’ll go eat things I love the most and not able to eat it during confinement like BOBO CHACHA, ice cream, dessert, some chilli, laksa, my favourite Tea or maybe even macdonalds~!

  21. Yes – eat of them now. Sure no regret. I ate them like ice cocktail, chocolate cake, tea & yakun toast on the eve of giving birth to Cayden.

  22. Sam, ben already asked me to list down the food I want to eat then from now onwards, go eat one by one so no regret…he siao already…

  23. No lah! He dote on you. Imagine 30/40 days eat like confinement and no hot tea/coffee or plain water. Can be a torture, somemore must stay at home.

  24. no cramps… no water leaking… no show 😦 everything the same leh.. another night passed & still nothing .. i wanted to eat but again afraid BB too big cant go for normal birth … will go down walk again later………. =( fell like drinking my fav.. MILK TEA later hahha..wish me luck

  25. Yanyan – take it easy. The more you think, the more stress you have, not good for baby.

    Just do what you want now, be surprised maybe baby come out faster.

  26. ya think you are right .. should take it easy =) btw do you think walking will helps?

  27. Walking do help and combine with squatting = strong thigh for pushing baby;)

    Enjoy every moment w/o baby. Baby arrive is 360 degree change in life. Cherish your couple time now=)

  28. yanyan, take it should be in this few days… 🙂

    sam, staying at home is fine, I love staying at home actually…hahhaaha…

  29. Di – stay at home is nice too. As long can have couple time, regardless home or outside is really nice. Even sitting at sofa watch movie is a luxury, I have a long time no proper time with hubby already.

  30. Hi Diana,

    I’m passby and saw your blog. wow im impressed that you can slim down from 72 to your ideal weight now.. Currently I having difficulties to slim down. I do 3 times excerise, like pilates and Yoga, till now still unable to slim down from current weight 75kg. can you teach me how to slim down like u.

    Hope to hear from your advise soon!.


  31. Nancy, I think you’re on the right track, yoga and pilates are good form of exercise to tone up your body. I have no idea how “not slim”are you at 75kg but I look gigantic! Some people still looking good at your weight, with the proper height of course. 🙂

    As you read my blog, I went down to 48kg 2 years back and the last last time I weight at 48kg, I was 10 years old, YES P4 at 48kg.haha..

    so when i decided to lose weight in 2002, it took me a year to cut down to 52kg from 65kg by running 2.4km and swimming 30 minutes daily at the stadium.

    I did try aerobics, went to amore almost daily for almost 9 months, well, no effect so I stopped going. Happened to know a trainer ( from KKH, weight mgt), she told me aerobics will help in tonning up and eventually, lose weight and looking good but it takes time!

    my weight now – 57kg is definitely not my ideal weight, I want to go back to 52kg, or better still 48kg.=) ‘ve loss total of 13.4kg after delivery(was 70.4kg at week39) and that was because I was so stressed up and not eating well! now my weight is still going down (I eat rice daily) as I am doing housework like mad woman everyday, I mop my house 2x daily, scrub my service balcony 3x daily, hand mop my 3 bedrooms. well, I have been doing these before delivery, now have to pump milk 4 hourly, wash and sterillized the stuff, feed baby, a little bit more work compare to before. I walk to my mum’s place everyday with a 5.5kg baby and heavy breastpumps, erm…. how not to lose weight? haha…

    I tried jogging but my lower abdomen is still a bit uncomfortable whenever i jog ( had emer c section 10 weeks back) so, you see, how to advise you? i didn’t even do a single exercise, not even stretching.

  32. Hi Diana, I think i saw you yesterday in Woodland Library ard 8plus wanted to say hello to you but you are busy talking to the front counter staff. Is that you?


  33. Hello !!!

    Yes yes I went library yesterday 🙂

  34. Yeah! if got chance to meet you again i will definitely walk up and say hello too you.

  35. Haha, nice to know you.:)

  36. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and I’m truly very impressed with your strong determination.

    About breast feeding, I’m sure by now you know the breasts don’t return to original size but even smaller than before. I know because I breastfeed all my 3 kids for a total of 10 years 🙂

  37. Would just like to say thank you for the blog on renunciation of Malaysian citizenship. It’s clear and nicely arranged in sequence with some pictures. Thank you!

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