She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

The Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Welcome to my online journal! Okay, let’s do a little bit of introduction, just in case you don’t know me.

My name is Diana. I’m twenty something, happily married, a stay home wife, a mommy of baby Asher, a furmummy to my 2 furballs named Smoochie and Twistie. As you can see from my blog, I enjoy blogging and this is where I’m keeping all my stuff related to the wedding preparation, baking experience, my married life, my pregnancy journey and some works that I am really interested in.

This is my doting husband, Ben. He is in his early thirties but still behaving like a teenage at time. Okay, you can call it “young at heart” but most of the time, he is a romantic man, caring husband, doting daddy who can make me smile the whole day and night, surprise me with little gifts and make me WOW with his knowledge …..

These are our furballs, Smoochie (right) came to our house in year 2003 while Twistie (left) joined our family only in year 2004. Both of them are adopted by us as their previous owners got retrenched *lame excuse* and the latter, went overseas. Just like you and me, both of them have got their regular hairdresser aka groomer, her name is Annie and she is the best groomer I’ve ever seen. If you need her contact. Let me know. *please note: this is not an advertisement* ( Twistie passed away in Dec 09 )

So here you, my son and we named him Asher Rhys, he is born in year 2009. Eversince we enter parenthood, Asher has been bringing lots of joy to our family.

Well, basically I enjoy sharing, helping and making friends from all over the world, so you are welcome to leave me message/comment or even email me personally if you want to at image


6 thoughts on “The Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

  1. hi, I would like to know the groomer Annie 🙂
    I have 2 dogs too, 1 maltese and 1 shi tsu 🙂
    Thank you !!


    Location :
    Blk 85A Lor 4, Toa Payoh ,
    Singapore 311085
    Tel: 65-63528100

    Open hours : 11.00 am to 8.00 pm
    (Closed on every Monday)

    Contact Person : Ms Annie Ng

    She is good at these 2 breeds! Share with me your experience with her. Thanks!!

  3. hi Diana, Thank you for the info !!

  4. Hi Diana!

    What a happy blog you have got! It’s like walking through a part of your life. 🙂 Btw, do you ever do beauty and/or health blog posts? 🙂

  5. Thanks.:)

    I do, depending what are the products and what they do in my daily life.

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